Hunting the Wild Mushrooms

Top Edible Mushrooms

Top Edible Mushrooms in Ontario

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morchella_t Yellow Morel, Morchella esculenta

Morels fruit in early to mid May. They are one of the most sought after edible mushrooms in the Great Lakes region but in our area only small numbers can be found most years. Look for them in sandy woodlands, often near dying elms.


morchella_s_t Half-free Morel, Morchella semilibera

The lower edge of the cap is not attached to the stalk in this species which fruits about a week earlier than the Yellow Morel. The base of the stalk is often much thicker than the cap.
morel-ladder-fire_tjvlow Morel-ladder-fire tjv
giant_t Giant Puffballs, Calvatia gigantea

A giant of the mushroom world, this species can become so large as to be mistaken for a sheep lying in a field. Each puffball may contain billions of spores in a spongy mass with the texture of a marshmallow.

truffle_t Cinnamon Truffle, Tuber rufum

Truffles are seldom seen since the fruiting bodies are produced underground. Their strong smell is an adaptation for spore dispersal. Mice and other small mammals sniff out these underground treats and then disperse the spores through their droppings. The famous Black Truffle of Europe is a culinary delicacy that can fetch over $2000 US per pound.


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